Bauhaus in Buda

Explore the difficult birth and triumph of the revolutionary Bauhaus style in the controversial interwar era of Hungary, shaped by progressive ideas and backward-looking attitudes at the same time.

Bauhaus architects believed that buildings can change the world. Following the steps of Marcell Breuer, Hugo Gropius and other world famous architects, we explore the life and work of those who left their mark on the picturesque streets of Buda. On our tour, we explore the Napraforgó Street Experimental Housing Estate, the famous Tyroler House and the former residence of the Prime Minister of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.

Main sights:
Pasarét villa quarter
The Franciscan Church of St. Anthony of Padua
Pasaréti Square
Napraforgó Street Experimental Housing Estate

We organize a private tour for 440 EUR+VAT for a maximum of 15 people. The participation of every additional guest costs 29 EUR+VAT.
The maximum number of guests is 25.

If you are interested in a private tour, please drop a line to Looking forward to see you!

You can complete our walk with a picnic. We have various offers, contact us and we'll give you further information.

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120 minute
Experimental housing estate at Napraforgó utca - Napraforgó utca 22. (térkép)
Pasaréti Reformed Church - Torockó tér 1. (map)